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    I cant repair my pickaxe because it says “Too expensive!”. I heard that I need reforged enchant, which is a pain in the ass to get. I would love to repair my pick since mining was my only source of income.


    this might be a bug, I didn’t know what category I had to put it in.


    This is a vanilla minecraft thing to make players a) keep making more tools/mining, b) work on getting enchants like Mending to repair the item for them.

    Making an experience farm/grinder for your island is a good goal.

    Mending can be rarely obtained via Lucky Keys, which can be purchased on the website or via a rare win from Vote Keys, which you can do daily.
    Custom enchants Reforged and Abiding will work similarly to Mending, and are obtainable through XP grinding and the Wizard at spawn.

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