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    As you probably notice, players have not been on iskyify. and others claim to be bored.
    I am working on bringing as many new players as I can from other servers, but they don’t want to join if there isn’t anything unique or new about iskyify.

    Here are a few ideas that might help fix this:
    Warzone loot drops from factions. remember the tiered crates from factions? having these spawn every few hours in the war zone would help bring players down there.

    MiniBoss fights. add a miniBoss or 2 that spawn every 3 hours or so, with decent loot. maybe it can grow stronger as time goes by or more people go to fight it. but if that can’t be done, something to fight and draw players down to the wz besides the occasional tower capture would be good.

    Bounty hunting system? maybe add a bounty system to the server, but have a rule about not having someone kill you for the money.

    Add unique items to the server that do custom things, like grappling hooks for example. maybe some sort of magic?

    These are a couple warzone ideas that might help pull people to both the server, and the warzone. I will be working on some ideas for other parts of the server.


    thanks for the suggestions Geo

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