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Getting Started in iSkyBlock+

To create your island type /is create You will be warped to your spawn pad which is connected to your starting island. You'll find starter items on your player. It's best to first create a cobble generator, then expand to farms for money.

iSkyBlock+ Commands

/spawn - Warp back to spawn

/votes - Vote for the server to receive Vote Keys that unlock the crates at /spawn

/is - Brings up your island management menu

/is create - Creates a new island for you to build on!

/is tp playername - Teleport to the player's island if that island is open to visitors.

/is setspawn - Set the visitor or main spawn point for your island

/is vote playername - Add/remove a vote from a players island

/is open - Opens your island to allow visitors

/is close - Closes your island from visitors Note: staff members can bypass this restriction

/is weather - Opens the island weather menu

/is settings - Open the island settings menu

/is upgrade - Purchase upgrades for your island. Upgrade your island border size if you are Rouge rank via ingame money. Purchase speed boost II and jump boost II for your entire island and buy a 2x crop growth boost on your island with in game money.

/is information playername -  Open the 'Island Information' menu.

/is members - open the island members  menu

/is owner playername - Open the island ownership menu, transfer ownership of island

/is visitors - Opens the island visitors menu

/is ban playername - Ban a player from your island

/is bans - Open the island bans menu

/is delete - Removes your current island Note: you need to click the CONFIRM word in chat after typing command

/is top - Opens the leaderboard menu of the top 10 islands in island levels and votes

/is top votes - Opens the leaderboard menu of the top 10 islands in island votes

/is top level - Opens the leaderboard menu of the top 10 islands in island levels

/is invite playername  - Invites a player to your island Note: this will remove the other player's island

/is coop playername - Coops a player to your island, control exactly what options are available for coop'd players with /is settings then click the coop settings icon. There are 42 different permission controls you can toggle off and on allowing you to completely control who does what on your island when coop'd. Cooping a player allows that player to retain their original island while also joining yours.

/is promote playername - Promotes a Member to Operator.

/is demote playername - Demotes an Operator to Member

/is leave - Leave the island you have joined via an invite

/is kick - Kick the invited player from your island

/is visit - Opens  the island visit menu of open islands, sort by island level Visit another player's island

/is current - Displays the current island you are at.

/bal - Shows your current player balance

/baltop - Shows the richest players on iSkyBlock+

/duel playername - Challenge a player to a duel with your current inventory of items Note: items rename on death

/duel top wins - See the top duel wins

/duel top losses - See the leaderboard for top duel losers

/duel queue - Open the Duel's queue menu

/duel stats playername - See the duel stats for a player

/generator - See your current rank's ore generator rates and blocks

Ore Gen Rank Tiers

cobble, iron, gold, coal, redstone

cobble, iron, gold, coal, lapis, redstone

cobble, iron, gold, coal, lapis, redstone

cobble, iron, gold, coal, lapis, redstone, diamond

cobble, iron, gold, coal, lapis, redstone, diamond, nether quartz

cobble, iron, gold, coal ,lapis, redstone, emerald, diamond, nether quartz

Shops Guide

Spawn Shops

Find every item you need to build your masterpiece at the spawn shops at /spawn Visit the NPC shops and right click to open their menus where you can buy/sell items.

Player Shops

To start your own player shops on your island to buy/sell items harvested from farms:

  1. Place down a chest
  2. Punch the chest with the item you would like to sell in hand
  3. Type the price in chat
  4. Fill the chest with the items you wish to sell

Editing a player shop:

  1. Right click the sign to edit the shop or remove it.
  2. Look at the sign and type /buying - Change the shop to buying an item  from other players
  3. Look at the sign and type /selling - Change the shop to selling an item to other players

WarZone Guide

By dropping down beneath /spawn you will enter the WarZone, a PVP battlefield rich in crates, towers.

Capture the four towers located in the Castles by standing inside until the bar on your screen fills up and states "You captured this tower!" After capturing the tower you will be awarded with money and EXP every minute. Capture more towers to increase your rewards. But be cautious, the server is alerted when you capture a tower.

Envoy crates are dropped into the WarZone after varying durations of time and will contain random loot with a chance to obtain rare crate keys. Simply right click the chest to collect the loot and keep on the move to avoid other players.

Enchants Guide


Enchantments Description
Aquatic Gives permanent water breathing.
Alien Implants Automatically heal 2x the HP of normal Implants at 2x the rate, and at max level all hunger loss is disabled. Requires Implants III.
Death God Attacks that bring your HP to (level 4) hearts or lower have a chance to heal you for (level 5) hearts instead.
Drunk Slowness and slow swinging with a chance to get strength.
Glowing Gives permanent night vision.
Implants Passively heals 1 health and restores 1 hunger every few seconds
Smoke Bomb When you are near death, you will spawn a smoke bomb to distract your enemies.


Enchantments Description
Anti Gravity Super jump.
EnderShift Gives speed/health boost at low hp.
Ender Walker Wither and Poison do not injur and have a chance to heal at high levels.
Gears Added speed when equipped.
Metaphysical A chance to resist the slowness given by enemy Trap, Snare, andd Pummel enchantments. At max level, you will only be affected approx. 10% of the time.
Rocket Escape Blast off into the air at low HP.
Springs Gives jump boost.
Undead Ruse When hit you have a chance to spawn zombie hordes to distract and disorient your opponents.


Enchantments Description
Angelic Heals health over time whenever damaged
Armored Decreases damage from enemy swords by 1.85% per level.
Arrow Deflect Prevents you from being damaged by enemy arrows more often than once every level x 400 milliseconds.
Cactus Injures your attacker but does not affect your durability.
Clarity Immune to blindness.
Creeper Armor Immune to explosive damage, at higher levels you take no knockback from them and they have a chance to heal you.
Curse Gives strength, slowness and resistance at low hp.
Deathbringer Chance to deal double damage.
Diminish When this effect procs, the next attack dealt to you cannot deal more than the (total amount of damage / 2) you took from the previous attack.
Divine Enlighted Heroic Enchantment. High chance of healing lots of HP while taking damage. Requires Enlighted III enchant on item to apply.
Dodge Chance to dodge physical enemy attacks, increased chance if sneaking.
Enlighted Can heal hearts while taking damage.
Ethereal Dodge Increased proc rate over normal Dodge, with a small chance to gain Speed V for a few seconds on successful dodge. Requires Dodge V.
Frozen Can cause slowness to attacker when defending.
Godly Overload Heroic Enchantment. A very large permanent increase in hearts. Requires Overload III encahnt on item to apply.
Guardians A chance to spawn iron golems to assist you and watch over you.
Hardened Armor takes less durability damage.
Heavy Decreases damage from enemy bows by 2% per level.
Immortal Passive soul enchant. Prevents your armor from taking durability damage in exchange for souls. 5 souls per use.
Molten Chance of setting your attacker ablaze.
Natures Wrath Temporarily freeze all enemies in a massive area around you, pushing them back and dealing massive nature damage. 75 souls per use.
Obsidianshield Gives permanent fire resistance.
Overload Permanent increase in hearts.
Paladin Armored Negates 150% more enemy sword damage than normal Armored per level. A chance to be Blessed every time you are struck by an enemy sword. Requires Armored IV.
Plague Carrier When near death summons creepers and debuffs to avenge you.
Planetary Deathbringer Heroic Enchantment. An increased chance to deal 2.5x damage. Requires Deathbringer III enchant on item to apply.
Poisoned Chance to give poison to your attacker.
Ragdoll Whenever you take damage you are pushed far back.
Self Destruct When close to death, tnt spawns around you to end you and remove your dropped items.
Shockwave The chance to push back your attacker.
Spirits Chance to spawn blazes that heal yourself and your allies in combat.
Stormcaller Strikes lightning on attacking players.
Tank Decreases damage from enemy axes by 1.85% per level.
Trickster When hit you have a chance to teleport directly behind your opponent and take them by surprise.
Valor Reduces incoming damage while wielding a sword by up to 22.5%.
Vengeful Diminish Ensures that the next strike against you only deals 50% of the damage inflicted and any extra above that will be returned to the attacker. Requires Diminish VI enchant on item to apply.
Voodoo Gives a chance to deal weakness.
Wither A chance to give the wither effect.


Enchantments Description
Arrow Lifesteal Chance to steal health from opponent.
Bidirectional Teleportation Heroic Enchantment. Chance to grapple an enemy towards you, or trap them for 1-2s.
Eagle Eye Chance to deal 1-4 durability damage to ALL armor pieces of enemy player.
Explosive Explosive arrows
Farcast Chance to knockback melee attackers by a couple of blocks when they hit you. The lower your health, the higher the chance to proc.
Hellfire All arrows shot by you turn into explosive fireballs.
Hijack Chance to convert summoned enemy Guardians into your own when they are shot with an arrow.
Infernal Explosive fire effect.
Lethal Sniper Heroic Enchantment. Increased headshot chance and multiplied damage up to 4.5x.Requires Sniper V enchant on item to apply.
Lightning A chance to strike lightning at the opponent.
Longbow Greatly increases damage dealt to enemy players that have a bow in their hands.
Marksman Increases damage dealt with bows.
Pacify A chance to pacify your target, preventing them from building rage stacks for 1-3 seconds depending on level.
Piercing Inflicts more damage.
Snare Chance to slow and fatigue enemies with projectiles.
Sniper Headshots with projectile deal up to 3.5x damage.
Unfocus Chance to Unfocus target player, reducing their out going bow damage by 50% for up to 10 seconds.
Venom A chance of dealing poison.
Virus Multiplies all Wither and Poison damage the affected target recieves and has a chance to remove regeneration effects on hit.


Enchantments Description
Assassin The closer you are to your enemy, the more damage you deal (up to 1.25x). However, if you are more than 2 blocks away, you will deal LESS damage than normal.
Blind A chance of causing blindness when attacking.
Block A chance to redirect an attack.
Demonforged Increases durability loss on your enemy''s armor.
Demonic Lifesteal Heals much more HP at a greatly increased rate compared to normal Lifesteal. Requires Lifesteal V.
Disarmor A slight chance of removing one piece of armor from your enemy when they are at low health.
Disintegrate Chance to deal double durability damage to all enemy armor with every attack.
Divine Immolation Active soul enchant. Your weapons are imbued with divine fire, turning all your physical attacks into Area of Effect spells and igniting divine fire upon all nearby enemies. 75 souls per use.
Dominate Chance to weaken enemy players on hit, causing them to deal less damage.
Double Strike A chance to strike twice.
Enrage Deal more damage on low HP.
Epicness Gives particles and sound effects.
Execute Damage buff when your target is at low HP.
Featherweight A chance to give a burst of haste.
Greatsword Multiplies damage against players who are wielding a BOW at the time they are hit.
Headless Victims have a chance of dropping their head on death.
Ice Aspect A chance of causing the slowness effect on your enemy.
Inquisitive Increases EXP drops from mobs.
Insomnia Gives slowness, slow swinging and confusion.
Inversion Damage dealt to you has a chance to be blocked and heal you for 1-5 HP.
Lifesteal A chance to regain health when attacking.
Master Inquisitive Heroic Enchantment. Massively increases EXP drops from mobs. Requires Inquisitive IV encahnt on item to apply.
Obliterate Extreme knockback.
Paralyze Gives lightning effect and a chance for slowness and slow swinging.
Reflective Block Heroiuc Enchantment. A chance to greatly or completely negate incoming damage while blocking, and to reflect an incoming attack back on the attacker whether you are blocking or not.
Shackle Prevents mobs from suffering from knockback from your attacks.
Shadow Assassin Heroic Enchantment. The closer you are to your enemy, the more damage you deal (up to 1.875x). However, if you are more than 2 blocks away, you will deal LESS damage than normal. Requires Assassin V.
Silence Chance to stop activation of your enemy's custom enchants.
Skill Swipe A chance to steal some of your enemy's EXP every time you damage them.
Soul Trap  Active soul enchant. Your axe is imbued with sealing magic, and has a chance to disable/negate all soul enchantments of your enemies on hit for (level x 4) seconds. 2 souls per second.
Thundering Blow Can cause smite effect on your enemy.
Titan Trap Heroic Enchantment. A chance to give a longer\nlasting buffed slowness effect.
Trap Chance to give buffed slowness effect.
Vampire A chance to heal you for up to 3hp a few seconds after you strike.


Enchantments Description
Arrow Break Chance for arrows to bounce off and do no damage to you whenever you are wielding an axe with this enchantment on it.
Barbarian Inflicts more axe damage.
Berserk A chance of strength and mining fatigue.
Blacksmith Chance to heal your most damaged piece of armor by 1-2 durability whenever you hit a player, but when it procs your attack will only deal 50% of the normal damage.
Bleed Applies bleed stacks to enemies that decrease their movement speed.
Blessed A chance of removing debuffs.
Confusion A chance to deal nausea to your victim.
Corrupt Damage with niche, this enchant deals damage over time.
Decapitation Victims have a chance of dropping their head on death.
Deep Bleed Heroic Enchantment. A chance to affect foes with increased slowness and inflict more damage.\nRequires Bleed VI.
Devour Multiplies damage dealt to players with active bleed stacks.
Insanity You swing your axe like a maniac. Multiplies damage against players who are wielding a SWORD at the time they are hit.
Master Blacksmith Chance to heal your most damaged piece of armor by 2-3 durability whenever you hit a player, but when it procs your attack will deal between 75%-100% damage. Requires Blacksmith V enchantment on item to apply.
Pummel Chance to slow nearby enemy players for a short period.
Ravenous Chance to regain hunger whilst in combat.


Enchantments Description
Haste Allows you to swing your tools faster.
Telepathy Automatically places blocks broken by tools in your inventory.
Reforged Protects weapons durability, items will be take longer to break.


Enchantments Description
Auto Smelt Ores are automatically smelted when mined.
Experience Chance to get experience from mining.
Detonate Chance to break in 3x3 area.
Obsidian Destroyer Chance to instantly break obsidian blocks.
Oxygenate Refills oxygen levels when breaking blocks under water.


Enchantments Description
Atomic Detonate Heroic Enchantment. Summons up to a 7x7 explosion around any blocks you break.Requires Detonate IX enchant on item to apply.
Poison A chance of giving poison effect.
Rage For every combo hit you land, you do 0.5 heart damage to your opponent Up to 5 max combo hits.