Congratulations on committing a crime that landed you straight in the big house, the clink, jail. Now, I'm SURE you really didn't do whatever a jury, the best lawyers in town and the police caught you doing but none the less here we are. I'm sure you want to figure out how to make the most of your time in prison and that's why this guide is here!

What do I do in prison?

  • MINE, mine... did I mention mine? As a prisoner you need to earn a living wage. To make money you grab your standard issued pickaxe and type /warps. Of course since you're new here you start at the A mine. Not to fret, if you play your cards right you'll be moving up the ranks in no time. In fact, you can do /rankslist to see the entire spread of ranks from A-Z which you can /rankup once your pockets have enough money in them to afford the move up the rank ladder! Sell your mined blocks to the local mine shop NPC or simply type /sell to auto sell your entire inventory. Note: you can only sell blocks for your current rank tier shop. If they won't take it don't yell at me, that's just the fact of life for being a low rank like yourself.

Where do I sleep?

  • CELL, After all that mining you're going to need to have a place to rest your head and call it a night. Lucky for you every prisoner of iSkyify gets their own /cell to call home. I'd claim your /cell as soon as you get on in order to reserve the prime top bunk spot. In order to maintain the cell you can't place/break any materials that were used to create your cell in the first place. All three floors of your cell are yours to do with as you please, unlock the 2nd and 3rd floors by purchasing the Inmate and Outlaw rank on Invite other inmates to bunk up with you by typing /cell team invite PlayerName 
    • Other helpful /cell commands
      • /cell warp PlayerName - warp to the player's [Welcome] warp sign.
        Note: requires player to have a wood sign with the 1st line of [Welcome]
      • /cell team accept - accept an invitation to join a cell
      • /cell team kick - remove a member from your cell
      • /cell team coop - make a player coop rank in your cell, they can still keep their cell
      • /cell team uncoop - remove a coop rank from a player
      • /cell team promote - promote a player in your cell up a rank
      • /cell team demote - demote a player in your cell down a rank
      • /cell uninvite PlayerName -
      • /cell setname - set a name for your cell
      • /cell resetname - reset your cell name
      • /cell reset - restart your cell and remove the old crappy one
      • /cell - teleport to your cell
      • /cell expel PlayerName - expel a player from your cell
      • /cell ban PlayerName - ban a player from your cell
      • /cell banlist - list banned players

What the heck are Runes?!

  • RUNES, You've probably received a few round blue Runes in your inventory by now - LUCKY! These are even more valuable than the cash all that mining gave you. Hold the runes in your hand and right click to have them safely stored in your Runes bank. Typing /runes allows you to spend those special runes on enchanting your tools and armor to help ease the mind numbing pain that is being a prisoner. Simply hold the item you wish to enchant in your hand then open the /runes menu and click the Runes enchantment of your choosing.You can gather more Runes through mining (a lot of mining), completing /achievements, finding them in the PVP zone envoy supply drops /warp pvp, inside the /vote crates, as a reward during special events, /tournaments and on the iSkyify If you find yourself flushed with Runes in your bank you can always withdraw them back into physical round blue balls inside /runes menu and create a player chest shop inside your cell. See player shops down below!
    • Other helpful notes
      • /repair - You spent all that time working on the gear of your dreams but watch out and use /repair before it breaks. Repairing costs EXP lvls depending on the tier of the item being repaired.
      • /bottle get ExpAmount - Turn your exp into bottled experience points which you can sell to other players!

I'm scared, what do I do?

  • GANGS, Gucci gang. Hey, mom always said its best to travel in packs. She also said it wasn't a bad idea to steal that car but hey, moms eh? You can form a gang of the most ruthless players in the prison to take over and run the joint.. it only costs $1 million to do it. What? It costs a lot to keep a gang fueled up and ready for any fight.
    • Other helpful /gang commands
      • /gang create GangName - create a new gang for $1 million
      • /gang list - list of all gangs
      • /gang top - gangs leaderboard
      • /gang disband - disband your gang
      • /gang join GangName - join a specified gang
      • /gang invite PlayerName - invite a player to your gang
      • /gang uninvite PlayerName - cancel a player's invitation to your gang
      • /gang kick PlayerName - kick a player out of your gang
      • /gang leave - leave your gang
      • /gang player PlayerName - see a player's gang stats
      • /gang levelup - level up to a higher gang level
      • /gang friendlyfire - toggle friendly fire in gang
      • /gang promote PlayerName - promote player to a higher rank
      • /gang demote PlayerName - demote player to a lower rank
      • /gang deposit - deposit money into your gang's bank
      • /gang withdraw - withdraw money from your gang's bank
      • /gang ally GangName - send alliance request to specified gang
      • /gang neutral GangName - set relation with an ally to neutral
      • /fight challenge PlayersAmount Money GangName - challenge specified gang for a fight.
      • /fight accept GangName - accept fight challenge from another gang
      • /fight join - join the fight your gang takes part in
      • /fight leave - leave the fight your gang takes part in

I want to get rich

  • SHOPS, Every prisoner has access to the finest shops at spawn to find every item you need to build your masterpiece.. in your cell. /Warp Shop and right click to open the various shops. Blocks, decor, redstone, knick knacks, you name it we got it here. For a price.

Those prices are crazy, I said I want to get rich

  • PLAYER SHOPS, Alright, so you want a path to fame and fortune? Well. You have a cell right? Why not turn it into the Prison's go to place for all their needs! To start your own player shops in your cell to buy/sell items:
    1. Place down a chest
    2. Punch the chest with the item you would like to sell in hand
    3. Type the price in chat
    4. Fill the chest with the items you wish to sell

Editing a player shop:

  1. Right click the sign to edit the shop or remove it.
  2. Look at the sign and type /buying - Change the shop to buying an item  from other players
  3. Look at the sign and type /selling - Change the shop to selling an item to other players

My inventory is full, do you have a backpack?

  • BACKPACK, Well yes, yes we do! Every prisoner is outfitted with a custom backpack just for them. All you need to do to open it is type /bp and store items you want to keep safe from others. Premium ranks unlock even more backpack space per rank!

I'm FREE rank! Woo Hoo!

  • PRESTIGE, Congratulations prisoner. You've put up with cramp conditions, long nights of mining from A-Z mines and now can officially call yourself a free rank! Now you can /prestige and start all over again at A mine. It's not all bad, I mean you did commit a crime and all, did you actually think you were free? Tell you what, this next go around we'll give you an added multiplier for selling those ores at all mines. Just for you, because of your good behavior and all. Plus, we'll mark your success with the prestige tag next to your name. There, happy?