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iSkyBlock+ 1.13.2 Aquatic Update

1.13.2 Aquatic Update

Swim with tropical fish, turtles and dolphins. Have your trident in hand and take down the turned. Unlock the full potential of your builds on 1.13.2 iSkyBlock+

Auto Rank-Up

Auto rank up by completing ingame challenges via /ranks to move up through 6x unlockable ranks or jump ahead of the curve at the store

+133 Custom Enchants

Unlock over +133 new custom enchants spread across six tiers to get the God set that will have other players running.

Award Winning

Level up your island to take over the /is top leaderboards or design the best island and receive player votes to take the top voted island spot on iSkyBlock+


The most balanced economy with buy/sell shops at spawn, player shops on islands and 6x Ore Generator tiers unlocked through the auto rank-up system.

Castle Tower Capture

Capture 5x towers in the WarZone and hold them from other players to receive payouts of money and experience points per minute.

Island Control Panel

Control every aspect of your island via an ingame menu. Want to turn off/on natural mob spawning? Done. Weather/Biome change? Poof. Promote/demote invited islanders for future perms.

Supply Envoys

3x tiers of supply envoys drop inside the WarZone. Collect flares from reward crates to call down a supply drop on demand outside the timer.


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Ranked Duels

Challenge players to duels with /duel playername to increase your duel rank. Players bring their current items to the fight and keep those items on death. Bet on the outcome with money/items.


What will happen to the original iSkyBlock?
iSkyBlock isn't going anywhere! The  two servers will run simultaneously next to each other. All of your prior builds will live on!

Do ranks/kits/minions/balances carry over from iSkyBlock to iSkyBlock+? 
No, iSkyBlock+ is a seperate server with a completely new tier of ranks and items running on 1.13.2

Will I be able to join on any version of minecraft outside of 1.13.2? 
Yes!  But it is highly recommended to make the switch over to 1.13.2 This will allow you to enjoy the full experience of the aquatic update without bugs/issues.

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