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Getting Started in iTownify

When you first join iTownify be sure to type /jobs and join a job. This will be the core mechanism for how you gain money in game by completing the jobs tasks assigned. For more info on Jobs click the Jobs button up top  on this page. Once you chose a job type /rtp or /warps to visit the wilderness/resource world to gather materials. Be sure to type /votes and vote daily for the server to receive vote crate keys.

Newcomers will be unable to create a town until they reach the [Citizen] rank. This is to motivate them to either explore and join existing towns, player shops in the market and /jobs to better their ability to fund a town's creation. To  get a complete list of ranks and rank up requirements type /ranks in game.  

Take your time exploring the Holograms at /spawn  to gain a better understanding of the available commands and capabilities.

What is iTownify?

iTownify is a Towny server that allows players to rank up with ingame money to unlock abilities/perks and create a town which they become  the mayor of and invite other players to join. Other mayors can work together and form a Nation that  assigns a single King who can promote players to various ranks/roles within the nation/towns. The economy on iTownify is completely controlled by the players - there is no admin shop to sell/buy items. Instead, players can rent a market  shop at /spawn to sell items for the values they believe items are worth. The core source of income is /jobs based.

iTownify Commands

  • /menu - Brings up your main menu to access all other menus.
  • /help - A menu that lists all towny/nation commands in a single place for quick reference.
  • /jobs - List available jobs you can join, how many players have joined certain jobs, jobs info and ability to leave said job.
  • /jobs info jobname - Displays payout info for completing job tasks
  • /jobs stats - Display current job statistics
  • /settings - Toggle the scoreboard, receiving payments and receiving messages
  • /ranks  - View a complete list of all 23 ingame unlockable ranks and their corresponding perks + costs
  • /rankup - Ranks you up to the next rank if you meet the balance requirements
  • /market - Warp to the player market shops to rent a market spot or buy/sell items from player shops
  • /mcmmo - View your current mcmmo stats and rank on the server
  • /warps - Menu of all available warp locations, market, rtp, wizard, the end, crates, resource world
  • /kits - List of all premium donor rank kits + starter kit
  • /buy - Link to donate for premium ranks
  • /media - Connect to iSkyify's discord, YT, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook
  • /bal - Shows your current player balance
  • /baltop - Shows the richest players
  • /votes  - Vote for the server to receive Vote Keys that unlock the crates at /spawn

Towny Commands:

  • /town  - Brings up information on your current town.​
  • /town ?  - Brings up town help commands.​
  • /border -  Shows towny claim lands in 3 different colors depending your relationship with that town.​ own/enemy/resident lands​
  • /town [name]  - Brings up information on the specified town.​
  • /town list  - Brings up all towns on the server. (Extremely long list - check your logs to be able to view them all.)​
  • /town online - Shows town members currently online.​
  • /town leave - Leaves your current town​
  • /town here - Shows information about the town of the chunk you are currently standing in.​
  • /town spawn - Teleports you to your town's spawn.​
  • /town spawn [name] - Teleports you to another town's spawn.​
  • /town claim - Claims a plot directly adjacent to your town.​
  • /town claim outpost - Claims an outpost for your town. This does not have to be adjacent to your town, but will cost you $25,000.​
  • /town unclaim - Unclaims a town plot​
  • /t buy bonus - Buys extra claimable townblocks​
  • /town withdraw [amount] - Withdraws specified amount of money from the town bank. Only the mayor can do this.​
  • /town deposit [amount] - Deposits specified amount of money in the town bank. All residents can do this.​
  • /town new [name] - Creates a new town. (Be sure to replace any spaces with underscores! Eg, /t new My_Town instead of /t new My Town)
  • /town delete - A town mayor can delete their town.
  • /town add [name] - Adds a resident to your town.​
  • /town add+ [name] [name] [name] [name] - Adds several residents to your town. Names separated by spaces.​
  • /town kick [name] - Removes a resident from your town.​
  • /town kick+ [name] [name] - Removes several residents from your town. Names seperated by spaces.​
  • /town rank add [name] Helper - Promotes a resident to helper.​
  • /town rank remove [name] Helper - Demotes a helper to resident.​
  • /town rank add [name] Builder - Promotes a resident to builder.​
  • /town rank remove [name] Builder - Demotes a builder to resident.​
  • /town rank add [name] Senator - Promotes a resident to senator.​
  • /town rank remove [name] Senator - Demotes a senator to resident.​
  • /town set mayor [name] - Changes the mayor to specified resident.​
  • /town set board [message] - Sets the town board message.​
  • /town set homeblock - Sets the town homeblock to your current plot. Must be within your town.​
  • /town set spawn - Sets the town spawn to your current location. Must be within your town. (You must first set the homeblock)​
  • /town set - Shows how to use this command.​
  • /town set perm [on/off] - Turns all town permissions on/off.​
  • /town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [on/off] - Turns all permissions for specified group on/off.​
  • /town set perm [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] on/off - Turns on/off permissions for all groups for specified action.​
  • /town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off] - Sets permissions for specified groups for specified actions.
  • /town set perm reset - Resets permissions in all claimed chunks in your town.​
  • /town set taxes [amount] - Sets the tax residents must pay every 24 hours.​
  • /town set plottax [amount] - Sets up taxes per plot owned by a resident. This is a flat amount. This can be set to 0 if you don't want to use it.​
  • /town set plotprice [amount] - Sets up the price for claiming a plot. This is when a resident claims a plot in your town to build on.​
  • /town set name [name] - Changes the name of your town.​
  • /town toggle explosion - Turns explosions on/off within your town.​
  • /town toggle fire - Turns fire on/off within your town.​
  • /town toggle mobs - Turns mob spawning on/off within your town.​
  • /town toggle public - Toggles non-residents being able to teleport to your town spawn. (Members of your nation, and members in nations who are on your nation's ally list, are still able to tp)​
  • /town toggle pvp - Turns pvp on/off with your town.​

Nation Commands:

  • /nation - Shows information of the nation you are in.​
  • /nation ? - Shows a list of nation commands​
  • /nation list - Shows a list of nations ordered by highest resident population.​
  • /nation online - Shows nation members currently online.​
  • /nation [nation] - Shows information of another nation.​
  • /nation leave - Leaves the nation you are currently in.​
  • /nation deposit - Members of a nation can deposit money in the nations bank.​
  • /nation withdraw - Nation owner can withdraw money from the nations bank.​
  • /nation new [name] - Creates a new nation. (Be sure to replace any spaces with underscores! Eg, /n new My_Nation instead of /n new My Nation)​
  • /nation rank add [name] Helper - Promotes a member to helper.​
  • /nation rank remove [name] Helper - Demotes a helper to a member.​
  • /nation rank add [name] Assistant - Promotes a member to assistant.​
  • /nation rank remove [name] Assistant - Demotes an assistant to a member.​
  • /nation add [name] - Invites a town to your nation.​
  • /nation kick [name] - Kicks a town from your nation.​
  • /nation delete - A nation owner can delete their nation.​
  • /nation ally add [name] - Adds a nation to your nations ally list.​
  • /nation ally remove [name] - Removes a nation from your nations ally list.​
  • /nation enemy add [name] - Adds a nation to your nations enemy list.​
  • /nation enemy remove [name] - Removes a nation from your nations enemy list.​
  • /nation set - Shows how to use this command.​

Plot Commands:

  • /plot ?Shows a list of plot commands.​
  • /plot setShows how to use this command.​
  • /plot set resetSets a shop/embassy/arena/wilds plot back to a normal plot.​
  • /plot set shopSets a plot to a shop plot
  • /plot set embassySets a plot to an embassy plot
  • /plot set arenaSets a plot to an arena plot
  • /plot set wildsSets a plot to a wilds plot
  • /plot set innSet a plot to an inn plot
  • /plot set jailSet a plot to an jail plot
  • /plot set nameAllows a mayor or plot-owner to rename plots they own
  • /plot permShows the permissions of the plot you are currently standing in
  • /plot set permWorks similar to /town set perm​
  • /plot toggleWorks similar to /town toggle
  • /plot claimClaims a plot as a resident. (To claim it without being a member of the town, the mayor must have it set to an embassy plot.)​
  • /plot unclaimRemoves ownership of a plot as a resident.​
  • /plot forsalePuts a plot up for sale as a mayor.​
  • /plot notforsaleStops plot from being up for sale.​

Resident Commands:

  • /resident - Brings up your Towny overview.​
  • /resident ? - Brings up resident help screen​
  • /resident [name] - Shows information on a particular resident.​
  • /res tax - Shows owned plots and taxes you pay.​
  • /resident friend add [name] - Sets a player as your friend. Changing resident perms can determine if players set as friends can build on your plots or not.​
  • /resident friend remove [name] - Removes a friend from your friendlist​
  • /res set perm - Shows you how to use this command.​
  • /resident set perm on/off - Turns on/off all permissions within your plot.​
  • /resident set perm [friend/ally/outsider] on/off - Turns on/off all permissions for a particular group.​

Mayor / King Rank Assignments Info:

You can grant ranks to your town or nation residents by using the command:
/t rank add <username> <rankname>
/n rank add <username> <rankname>
Warning: Make sure you trust people before promoting them in your town and/or nation.
Warning: If you promoted residents in the past you'll have to re-rank them due to new towny ranks.

Town ranks:


  • All town permissions
  • Can promote any town resident to Helper, Builder or Senator.
  • There can only be 1 mayor.


  • Can invite players to a town (can not kick).
  • Can setup plots for sale.
  • Can remove plots.


  • Can build in the entire town on any plots.


  • Can invite & kick players to/from your town.
  • Can manage plots (set them up for sale, remove plots, and toggle plot permissions).
  • Claim & unclaim land.
  • Can build in the entire town.
  • Does not have to pay town taxes (this is just town taxes and not daily upkeep).
  • Can promote residents to Builder and Helper rank.

Nation ranks:


  • All nation permissions
  • Can promote any nation member to Helper or Assistant.
  • There can only be 1 king.


  • Can invite towns to the nation (can not kick).


  • Can invite and kick towns to/from your nation.
  • Can ally towards other nation.
  • Can enemy other nations.
  • Can grant players in the nation a title (nation chat).
  • Can grant players in the nation a surname (nation chat).
  • Can promote nation members to helper rank.

Shops Guide

Market Player Shops

Type /market to visit the player  market shops. Here you can rent a market shop (if you have the Merchant rank) to sell items to other players for $750 a day in rent. Design your shop so it stands out, add floors, great prices and more to become the go to supply for iTownify. As a market visitor you can buy/sell items other players have found. You can quickly warp directly to your favorite shop by learning what the  shop number is and typing /shop1 or /shop2 etc

Player Chest Shops

To start your own player shops simply place down a chest and put a sign in front of the chest in the following format then hit the sign with the item you are trying to buy/sell:

1st Line:                          [Shop]
2nd Line Quantity:       64
3rd Line Price:                  1
4th Line Buy/Sell:        Buy

Auction House

An alternative to creating chest shops is to list items for sale inside the Auction House. Simply type /ah to browse items for sale inside the auction house or hold an item in your hand you want to sell and type /ah sell <price> to list your item.

War Guide

iTownify war is activated by the server, there is a 30 second countdown and then War begins. During war Nations fight each other. Towns without a nation are not included, cannot score points and cannot have their townblocks attacked.  Nations can also pay a daily Neutrality cost of $25,000 to avoid taking part in a war. A nation would pay $25,000 dollars from its nation bank each 'Towny Day'.

Useful during war is the '/towny war hud' which will make a scoreboard appear for the player, which details points and properties of the townblock they are standing in.
Also useful is the '/towny war participants {page #}' command. It shows a list of towns and their nation who are in the war event.The list highlights enemies, allies and capital towns.

While war is in effect, each competing town has a health points property attached to it. Normal townblocks have an HP of 60 while Home Blocks have 120 points. A townblock loses HP by enemy-nation residents standing within the townblock (-5 HP per second the block is stood on by an enemy). When a townblock has lost all HP and fallen the town which the attacker belongs to gains one townblock and points to their War Score. When a townblock is under attack, fireworks appear above. Red for damage, red creeperhead for a won townblock, and green when a townblock is being healed by a defender. The minimum height at which a player must stand to count as an attacker is Y level 60. Only townblocks on the edge of the wilderness can be attacked first.

  • $25,000 war chest spoils is injected into the economy upon war starting
  • $100 is taken from the losing town for each town block lost.
  • $200 is taken from the player if they die during the event - they are sent back to their town spawn unless a jail is present.  When players are killed in a town where they are considered to be enemies in the war, they will be sent to the town's Jail. If the jail plot is attacked and has its HP reduced to 0, any prisoners-of-war imprisoned there will be let free in a 'jailbreak'. POWs are also freed if the town they are kept in falls out of the war.

A Town can be knocked out of a war when their Home Block falls or if their Mayor is killed. A Nation can be knocked out of a war if its capital city is knocked out of the war, or if the King is killed.

/towny war hud Points in war given for the following:

  • A enemy killed: 1 point
  • A townblock stolen: 1 point
  • A town knocked out of the war: 10 points
  • A nation knocked out of the war: 100 points

Victory: iTownify war ends when there is only one nation whose Home Block has not been conquered or when the admin toggles war off. The townblocks are restored at the end of war. The winning nations share half of the war spoils. The remaining half is paid to the town which took the most town blocks, and lost the least.

Block breaking/griefing is not enabled outside of the following editable materials by attackers: fence, ladder, wood door, iron door, switch/item use. Locked chests/doors are not accessible. 

Jobs Guide

Jobs play a central core role in the economy for iTownify. Joining a job by typing /jobs allows players to begin gaining money to /rankup by completing tasks for the assigned job. A well balanced town/nation will guide their members on evenly spreading the town job assignments to cover  all their bases.

Each job has the ability to level up its experience by completing the job's tasks, multiplying the reward payouts. Leaving a job comes at the cost of losing some job levels gained. Typing /jobs info jobname ingame displays the payouts for each task and dynamically updates as you level up.

Available jobs:

  • Builder - Earns money for building structures
  • Miner - Earns money for mining minerals and ores
  • Cook - Earns money for cooking feasts
  • Digger - Earns money for terraforming the world
  • Farmer - Earns money for farming crops
  • Hunter - Earns money for killing animals and monsters
  • Explorer - Earns money for exploring the world
  • Crafter - Earns money from crafting items
  • Fisherman - Earns money from fishing
  • Weaponsmith - Earns money from crafting and repairing weapons
  • Brewer - Earns money for brewing potions
  • Woodcutter - Earns money felling and planting trees

Enchants Guide


Enchantments Description
Glowing Allows the user to see in the dark.
Mermaid Allows the user to breath underwater.
Implants Slowly feeds the player as they walk.


Enchantments Description
Springs Gives the player a small jump boost.
Anti-Gravity Gives the player a bigger jump boost.
Gears Gives the player a speed boost.


Enchantments Description
Burn-Shield Gives the player fire resistance.
Overload Gives the player health boost.
Self-Destruct When the player dies it will cause an explosion.
Hulk Gives the player strength, damage resistance, and slowness.
Ninja Gives the player health boost and speed.
Enlightened Has a chance to heal you when being attacked.
Freeze Has a chance to give your attacker slowness.
Fortify Has a chance to give your attacker weakness.
Molten Has a chance to set your attacker on fire.
Pain-Giver Has a chance to give your attacker poison.
Savior Has a cut incoming damage in half.
Nursery Has a chance to heal you while walking.
Insomnia Gives you confusion, mining fatigue, and slowness but gives you a high chance to deal double damage.
Valor Gives the player resistance.
Smoke-Bomb Has a chance to give the attacker slowness and blindness so you can get away.
Drunk Gives you strength, mining fatigue, and slowness.
Voodoo Has a chance to give your attacker weakness.
Recover After killing a player you gain regeneration and absorption hearts.
Cactus Has a chance to damage the player that damaged you.
StormCaller Has a chance to strike the player attacking you.
Blizzard Gives nearby enemies slowness until they are away from you.
Intimidate Gives all nearby players on weakness until they are away from you.
SandStorm Gives nearby players blindness for 10 seconds, 1/38 chance, and a 30 second cool down time (-5sec per level).
AcidRain Gives nearby players poison II for 4 seconds, 1/45 chance, and a 30 second cool down time (-5sec per level).
Radiant Sets all nearby players on fire until they are away from you, 5 Seconds 1/25 chance with a 15 second cool down (-5sec per level).
Tamer Spawns in a wolf (+1 for every level) that fight with you for one minute. Has a cool down of two minutes.
Guards Spawns in an iron golem (+1 for every level) that will fight for you for one minute. Has a cool down of two minutes.
Necromancer Spawns in 2 zombie (+2 for every level) that fight with you for one minute. Has a cool down of two minutes.
Infestation Spawns in 3 silverfish and 3 endermites (+3 of each for every level) that fight with you for one minute. Has a cool down of two minutes.


Enchantments Description
Piercing Has a chance to deal double damage.
Doctor Has a chance to heal a player when hit.
Boom Has a chance to spawn TnT where the arrow lands.
Venom Has a chance to give poison to the player shot.
Ice-Freeze Has a chance to give the player shot slowness.
Lightning Has a chance to strike lightning where the arrow lands.
Multi-Arrow Has a chance to shoot multiple arrows.
Pull Has a chance to send the player you hit flying at you.


Enchantments Description
Vampire Has a chance to heal you by one heart when attacking.
Life-Steal Has a chance to steal your enemies's health.
Double-Damage Has a chance to deal double damage.
SlowMo Has a chance to give the enemy slowness.
Blindness Has a chance to give the enemy blindness.
Viper Has a chance to give the enemy poison.
Fast-Turn Has a chance to deal more damage.
Light-Weight Has a chance to give the user haste.
Confusion Has the chance to give the enemy confusion.
Disarmer Has a chance to take the enemies's armor off.
Execute Has a chance to get strength when the enemy is low HP.
Headless Has a chance to drop the enemies's head.
Inquisitive Has a chance to give a lot more XP.
Nutrition Has a chance to feed you while fighting.
Obliterate Has a chance to send your enemy flying backwards.
Paralyze Has a chance to lightning strike your enemy and give them slowness and mining fatigue.
Skill-Swipe Has a chance to steal your enemies's XP.
Snare Has a chance to give your enemy slowness and mining fatigue.
Trap Has a chance to give your enemy a high dose of slowness.
Wither Has a chance to give your enemy wither.
Rage Does more damage the longer you fight an enemy.


Enchantments Description
Blessed Has a chance to remove all negative effects from the user.
FeedMe Has a chance to feed the player while fighting.
Dizzy Has a chance to give the player you attack confusion.
Berserk Has a chance to give you strength and mining fatigue when fighting.
Cursed Has a chance to give the player you attack mining fatigue.
Rekt Has a chance to deal double damage.
Decapitation Has a chance to drop the players head on death.


Enchantments Description
Telepathy When you break a block it will automatically go into your inventory.
Haste When placed in your hand it will give you haste.
Oxygenate When placed in your hand it will let you breath under water.


Enchantments Description
Auto-Smelt Has a chance to smelt ore and drop more then one ore.
Experience Has a chance to give you a lot more XP from block breaking.
Furnace Always smelts your ores into ingots.


Enchantments Description
HellForged Place on any item that takes damage and while walking will slowly fix that item.



The goal of mcMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into add an extensive and quality RPG experience. mcMMO adds fourteen unique skills to train and level in.