August Mystery Crate

August Mystery Crate


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Get ready for an extremely OP mystery crate. This month’s Mystery crate has it all. Once purchased, you will be given the place-able ender chest crate. After placing, an animation appears that display all the potential rewards until only 3 prizes are left. That’s right, you will receive THREE OP prizes from each mystery crate.

Potential Winnings:

  • Auto Miner Dwarf
  • Auto Seller Dwarf
  • Exclusive 1x PHOENIX Kit + PHOENIX Tag
  • 5x Lucky Crate Keys
  • 2x Mystery Glow Crates
  • 5x Tier III Money Pouches
  • $1M In-Game Cash
  • $750k In-Game Cash
  • $500k In-game Cash
  • 5x Zombified Piglin Spawners
  • 1,000x Soul Gems
  • 5,000 Experience Levels