Grit and grind know you well. You’ve made friends and many enemies that have only sharpened your skills. Let your Guard be unbreaking as iSkyify brings down its might upon you.

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  • Green Guard prefix in tab, chat and above player head.
  • Increase island border to 90 x 90
  • Cobblestone Generator Tier Guard:
    Stone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Emerald, Diamond, Lapis
  • Keep EXP on Death
  • Ability to bottle EXP with /bottle get [amount] command
  • Ability to use silk touch pickaxe to pick-up spawners
  • Ability to rent the island advertisement on /baltop & hologram slot at /spawn in-game.
  • Ability to sell all the inventory items that match what’s in your hand with /sell handall
  • Ability to automatically sort chests with /sort
  • 1x $300k In-game Payout
  • 1x Cow Spawner


  • /kit guard
  • /feed
  • /sell handall
  • /hat
  • /ptime
  • /craft
  • /kit squire
  • /bottle get [amount]
  • /sort


1x Diamond Armor set: Protection 1
1x Diamond Sword: Sharpness 3, Fire Aspect 1, Unbreaking 1
1x Diamond Pickaxe: Efficiency 3, Unbreaking 1, Fortune 1
1x Diamond Axe: Efficiency 3, Unbreaking 1, Fortune 1
1x Diamond Shovel: Efficiency 3, Unbreaking 1, Fortune 1

1x Bow: Power 1, Unbreaking 1

24/hr cooldown

Disclaimer: This item is only available during a single season on iSkyify and does not carry over into future seasons.