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Getting Started

To create your island type /is create You will be warped to your island. You’ll find starter items on your player. It’s best to first create a cobble generator, then expand to farms. Sell your surplus of blocks and items for money at the /spawn shops.

Island Commands



/island visit

Opens a GUI that will display all islands you can visit.

/island vote <player>

Allows the user to vote or remove a vote for the island they are standing on.

/island controlpanel

Opens the control panel of your island.

/island upgrade

Opens a menu that allows you to upgrade your islands border size.

/island leaderboard

Displays the top islands in the server.

/island create

Permission to create an island.

/island delete

Allows the user to remove their island.

/island go <player>

Allows the user to teleport to islands.

/island setspawn <spawn>

Allows the user to set their main or visitor island spawnpoint.

/island accept <player>

Allows the user to accept an invitation to an island.

/island deny <player>

Allows the user to deny an invitation to an island.

/island cancel <player>

Allows the player to cancel an invitation.

/island leave

Allows a user to leave an island.

/island promote <player>

Allows a user to promote someones rank on their island.

/island demote <player>

Allows a user to demote someones rank on their island.

/island kick <player>

Allows the user to kick a specific person from their island.

/island kickall

Allows the user to kick everyone on their island.

/island ban <player>

Allows the user to ban a specific person from their island.

/island bans

Allows the user to open the ban menu.

/island unban <player>

Allows the user to unban a specific person.

/island border

Allows the user to open the island border menu.

/island level

Allows the user to open their island level menu.

/island value

Allows the user to get the value of the item in their hand.

/island settings

Allows the user to open the island settings menu.

/island information <player>

Opens the island information panel for your or another player’s island.

/island coop <player>

Allows the user to co-op another player onto their island.

/island members

Opens the menu to manage your island members.

/island owner <player>

Opens the ownership menu for your island.

/island confirm

Confirmation for permanent alterations.

/island invite <player>

Allows the user to invite another player to their island.

/island visitors

Opens the island menu for visitors.

/island current

Displays the current island you are at.

/island public

Make your island public or private.

/island open

Allows you to open your island.

/island close

Allows you to close your island.

/island bank

Opens the bank of your island.

/island unlock

Opens the unlock menu for your island.


Opens the help menu.

Shops Guide

Find every item you need to build your masterpiece at the spawn shops at /spawn Visit the NPC shops and right click to open their menus where you can buy/sell items.

Player Chest Shops

To start your own player shops on your island to buy/sell items harvested from farms:

  1. Place down a chest
  2. Punch the chest with the item you would like to sell in hand
  3. Type the price in chat
  4. Fill the chest with the items you wish to sell

Editing a player shop:

  1. Right-click the sign to edit the shop or remove it.
  2. Inside the chat message that appears you can click on options to change whether the chest shop is buying/selling the item along with changing prices.

Cobble Generators

Every island comes equipped with a basic cobble generator which outputs various block types based off of your SkyBlock rank in-game.

  • Cobble Generator Tiers
    • Default: Stone, Coal, Iron, Redstone, Diamond, Lapis
    • Squire: Stone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Diamond, Lapis
    • Guard: Stone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Emerald, Diamond, Lapis
    • Knight: Stone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Emerald, Diamond, Lapis
    • Master: Stone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Emerald, Diamond, Lapis

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